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Warranty Information

  1. All DSG waterproof jackets, pants and bibs are covered by a two year (from date of purchase) limited warranty for manufacturing defects.  Waterproof gloves and boots are covered by a one year (from date of purchase) limited warranty for manufacturing defects. For any Boa Closure system warranties please use this link https://www.theboasystem.com/support
  2. Warranties cover original manufacturing defects in material and/or workmanship.  Warranties do NOT cover normal wear and tear, customer negligence, improper care, or accidents.
  3. All products covered by this warranty program will be repaired or replaced.  DSG will inspect the product and determine whether a product will be repaired or replaced.
  4. Products that are replaced will be replaced with the same size and model as those originally purchased or a similar model if out of stock or no longer available.
  5. Customer must obtain a warranty authorization from DSG before returning the product to DSG.  A copy of the proof of purchase (receipt) must be included with the warranty return form.  Please contact us first through our on-line chat, at sales@dsgouterwear.com, or by calling us at 608-835-1122.
  6. DSG will pay freight costs for the return of warranty repaired or replacement products via standard delivery within the warranty period only if proof of purchase is provided.  Customer is responsible for any express shipping charges above standard shipping.
  7. Retailers should advise their customers to direct all warranty questions or problems directly to DSG.  The decision for all warranty issues must come from DSG directly to the customer.
  8. The following products are NOT covered by the one year limited warranty: Shovels, drinkware, decals, base layers, t-shirts, head wear, fleeces, pants, hoodies/sweatshirts, socks, and lifestyle clothing/outerwear.
  9. If at anytime you are not satisfied with your Wigwam/DSG socks please contact us or visit Wigwam directly https://www.wigwam.com/support/lifetime-guarantee/